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India provides a contrast of some of the most ancient and amazing cultures, fascinating languages, exotic styles of dress and almost every type of scenery. From spectacular landscapes, wildlife, great architecture, warmth and traditional hospitality, to the sun, sand and surf, India has it all. India is the land of variety and it would take you more than a life time to explore and discover the country. Every holiday provides a stimulating cultural experience.

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India’s unique and varied culture is one of the oldest and richest in the world. The population of 1 billion people have descended from a variety of different races, each adding its own customs, traditions and heritage, all adding to the richness of the very diverse culture. In general the Indian people are tolerant, kind, friendly and very family orientated.


Just like Indian culture, food in India has also been influenced by various civilizations, and comprises a wide variety of regional dishes. Indian food is rich in variety, taste and flavour. Each region has its own style of cooking and unique dishes. In India you will find food to suit all tastes, be it hot and spicy, cool and aromatic, meat dishes, vegetarian or fish dishes - you won’t go hungry!


India is awash with colour - from the stunning colourful saris worn by the women to the magnificent green forests and the blue Indian Ocean. Colour also plays a big part in many Indian ceremonies including Holi (festival of colours) when people spray each other with a multitude of colours, and the bright green or red saris worn by brides on their wedding day.


India Tours

India is a country as diverse as it is friendly, as rich in culture as it is surrounded by beauty, as serene as it is chaotic; just waiting for you to discover. Explore some of the amazing highlights on one of our various tours. Discover palaces, temples, forests, national parks and Indian Ocean beaches and savour delicious and varied cuisine on a memorable tour of this remarkable country.

Where to go

You may not always find exactly what you want on a ready-made tour of India, whether it is places that interest you, or particular accommodation. It is a very easy process to custom-make your ideal tour - you choose where you want to go, which hotels you wish to stay in and let our experts do the rest. If you are not sure exactly where you wish to go or stay, we can help and advise.


Relaxing, exotic, enchanting, Goa’s delightful mix of Mediterranean and Asian cultures has brought about this unique enclave on India’s Arabian Sea coast. A decidedly gentle introduction to the country, Goa has become popular through its combination of picturesque beaches, accessible culture and a laid-back atmosphere. Plus it’s real value for money.